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Component level
The component level has two sub-levels, the „defined interface“ on the one hand and the „component design“ on the other. According to our principle that in a parametric/associative design process no geometrical link exists between components, we have to offer an interface in order to enable the geometrical communication between components.

At component level there must not be a link between two or several components.

This interface is represented by an „adapter model“. Thus, an adapter model is a so-called interface model. But it does not only play the interface role between components, it is the interface between the concept and the component level as well.

Adapter models are the interface between the concept and the component level, as well as the interface between components!

At component level, the design refers for the first time to a quantity structure. To this fact, every component is known in the development process. From now on we can start to optimise the components. Before, it would have made little sense to do this, because at concept level it is possible that one of the neighbour components is dropped for conceptional reasons or gets another shape.
The illustration shows some keywords to be considered while optimising components. We see that they are examined concerning their robustness, stiffness, weight, etc. and are optimised if necessary. The manufacturing of the components has to be taken into account, too, as well as the costs.
Apart from designing it is essential to apply a certain design method for each component and to provide the following processes with a binding interface stored in the model. This is the more important when later on processes like acoustic and crash calculations refer to whole systems consisting of the single components.
 Copyright by Richard Haslauer