The development process "from the design-section up to component", represented in the book, is offered in Workshops.

What is a Workshop?

A Workshop is a coach manual. The coach manual consists of a training course script for coaches, a training course script for users and the pertinent data records.

What are contents of the Workshops?

The individual chapters of the book are represented in meaningful, one on the other co-ordinated learning contents. All Workshops together result in the qualification of the development process. The training course expenditure necessary for it will amount to approximately 5 days.

What costs a Workshop?

The Workshops is driven out with a license model. Prices given with availability admits.

For whom are Workshops interesting?

A condition for a Workshop?

Those participant who can be trained must be trained in a basic course in CATIA V5.

When are Workshops available?

One works with high pressure on it. Presumably starting from April 2005 Basisworkshops will be available.

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